Stay and Play

Thank you to all parents and carers who attended our morning and afternoon reading themed Stay and Play! We hope that you now feel more informed about how children learn to read and write within the early years, and have more of an awareness of the upcoming topics that your child will be learning about. It was lovely to see the children reading for pleasure around the classroom with their favourite story books and talking enthusiastically about the story and characters within in.

L (R) 22-36/30-50

Playing and Exploring/Active Learning

The Three Little Pigs

Today in Nursery we began learning about our new top The Three Little Pigs. The objective of today’s lesson was to retell the story using repeated refrains.

After hearing the story, the children went off into the provision to have a go at retelling it through different means. Some children had a great time using the small world Three Little Pigs setting to recreate the story, adding in their own speech and props.

Here is a video of some morning Nursery children retelling the story:

Some afternoon children were very busy in the Construction Area building houses for the Three Little Pigs to live in. They decided that bricks were best material to use as just like in the story, the wolf would not be able to blow it down.

Here is a video of some afternoon children retelling the story:

L (R) 30-50

C+L (S) 30-50

Playing and Exploring/Active Learning

Jigsaw making with friends 

These children were working lovely together this morning to make a jigsaw. With support, they sorted the pieces into the ones that had straight sides, and the ones that did not. They then carefully put the different pieces together to create the outer edge of the jigsaw.

Whilst the children were busy making the inside of the jigsaw, they noticed a problem…there were not enough pieces left to finish it! That meant that some pieces were missing. The children decided to go on a mission around the classroom to try and find the missing pieces so that they could finish their jigsaw. Unfortunately, they were unable to track down the missing pieces, however this whole activity showed great examples of working together and perseverance.

PSED (MR) 30-50=/+

PD (M+H) 30-50=/+

M (SSM) 30-50=

Playing and Exploring/Active Learning

Our new trays and labels! 

Today in Nursery we were introduced to our new trays!

These trays will be used to keep all of our lovely pictures, jumpers, cardigans and work safe until the end of the day. We each drew a picture to go into our new tray, and then we labelled our pictures with a photograph of ourself so that we knew it was ours. This is something that we will be continuing to do throughout the week to get into the habit of labelling our work, as well as writing our name on it, of course!

PSED (SCSA) 30-50-/=

Playing and Exploring

In Nursery we work together

Both Nursery classes have been working very hard in making relationships with different members of their class. We have been talking a lot about how to be a good friend, and we know that sharing and taking it in turns are some ways of how we can be one of these.

The following pictures are some lovely examples of how the children have been working together in their play.

Making a dinosaur using junk modelling materials:

Building a “really really long bridge”:

Taking it in turns feeding the baby:

Unscrewing the nuts and bolts:

PSED (MR) 30-50-/+

Playing and Exploring

Our first day back in Nursery

Morning and Afternoon Nursery had a lovely first day back and enjoyed exploring their new classroom environment and meeting some new friends who were not with us before the summer. As well as exploring the classroom, the children took part in some circle time activities to learn each others names.

The children also had a civilised snack time in their new Key Person groups, taking it in turns to give out the plates, fruit and milk and then washing their dishes after they had finished.

We are looking forward to the year ahead, and watching the children grow as independent, curious learner.