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The Three Little Pigs

Today in Nursery we began learning about our new top The Three Little Pigs. The objective of today’s lesson was to retell the story using repeated refrains.

After hearing the story, the children went off into the provision to have a go at retelling it through different means. Some children had a great time using the small world Three Little Pigs setting to recreate the story, adding in their own speech and props.

Here is a video of some morning Nursery children retelling the story:

Some afternoon children were very busy in the Construction Area building houses for the Three Little Pigs to live in. They decided that bricks were best material to use as just like in the story, the wolf would not be able to blow it down.

Here is a video of some afternoon children retelling the story:

L (R) 30-50

C+L (S) 30-50

Playing and Exploring/Active Learning

In Nursery we work together

Both Nursery classes have been working very hard in making relationships with different members of their class. We have been talking a lot about how to be a good friend, and we know that sharing and taking it in turns are some ways of how we can be one of these.

The following pictures are some lovely examples of how the children have been working together in their play.

Making a dinosaur using junk modelling materials:

Building a¬†“really really long bridge”:

Taking it in turns feeding the baby:

Unscrewing the nuts and bolts:

PSED (MR) 30-50-/+

Playing and Exploring