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Parallel and Collaborative Play

These two children were very busy at the Lego Table demonstrating parallel play.

Each child was engaged in their own Lego play and did not try to influence the other child’s behaviour. The children each created their own separate models and persisted with this activity for more than 5 minutes.

These two boys enjoyed using our small workspace area to collaboratively create pictures. Lots of language was used between the children whilst completing their pictures and they were very proud of their finished work.

This workspace is a great opportunity for two children to take part in activities together such as board game, jigsaws and mark-making, as well as enhancing their personal and social development and their communication and language.

EAD (BI) 22-36+

L (W) 30-50=

L (R) 30-50=

PD (M+H) 30-50=/+

PSED (MR) 22-36/30-50

Playing and Exploring/Active Learning

Making Bread

Today in Nursery we followed a recipe to make bread, just like the Little Red Hen!

In the story of the Little Red Hen, her friends did not help her make the bread, however in Nursery we all worked together to measure out the ingredients and mix them altogether.

Once the ingredients were all mixed together, we kneaded it and split the mixture up into six equal balls and patted them down. We then put them into the oven.

Whilst the bread was baking, some children created their own recipes and instructions by recalling the ingredients and method that we used.






Unlike in the story of the Little Red Hen, we then shared the bread with our friends and  tucked into it for our snack!

#mm “mmmmmmm”

#aj “I like it”

#st “It’s nice”

#ms “It tastes like in my house”

#ks “It is like bread”

UW (TW) 22-36/30-50

C+L (U) 22-36/30-50

PD (H+SC) 22-36/30-50

Playing and Exploring/Active Learning 

Who delivered the bread? 

Today in Nursery we were very excited to find that a basket of fresh bread had been delivered. We passed the bread around in circle time, and talked about where it may have come from and who could have brought it.

#ooj “It is bread, Red Riding Hood bought the bread from Asda”

#lj “She lives in a cottage and had to get the bus to bring the bread to Nursery”

#rr “She lives in a village”

#gk “You bake the bread in the oven”

#dg “Mummy has bread like this in my house”

Inside of the basket was a letter addressed to Nursery, it was from somebody called the Little Red Hen, who told us that she had baked the bread for us.

But who was the Little Red Hen? We read a about her to find out.

After the story, we talked about how kind it was of the Little Red Hen to bake some bread for us, because after all, the animals in the story were not very helpful to her, so it was lovely of her to think to share it with us instead!

We thought it would be a good idea to write a letter back to the Little Red Hen to say thank you. We each had a go at mark-making a letter back to the Little Red Hen, some of us copying from a scribed piece of writing to begin practising our letter formation.

After writing a letter to the Little Red Hen it was time for snack. We used this time to tuck into the delicious fresh bread.

#oe “It tastes like toast”

#st “It tastes like cracker”

#lj “It tastes like bread and is delicious”

We look forward to continuing our learning about the Little Red Hen over the coming weeks!

L (W) 22-36/30-50

L (R) 22-36/30-50

PD (M+H) 22-36/30-50

C+L (S) 22-36/30-50

C+L (U) 22-36/30-50

Playing and Exploring/Active Learning/Creating and Thinking Critically

Healthy and Unhealthy Food

Today we have been exploring healthy and unhealthy food and we were set a challenge to help Little Red Riding Hood to make a healthy basket of food for Grandma.

We looked through food magazines and talked about what food would be good for Grandma and carefully cut around the pictures and added them to our baskets.

#ls “orange good”

#rr “cake has lots of sugar for your teeth”

On our Creative Table we made prints using different fruit and vegetables. We talked about the shapes that we made and the colours that we used.

PD (M+H) 22-36/30-50

PD (H+SC) 22-36/30-50

Playing and Exploring/Active Leaning

Fabulous List!

WOW! We are very proud of this little girl for this amazing shopping list that she created independently during Busy Time! She wrote the initial sounds of all the items that she needed on her list and then was able to recall her list to me using the initial sounds of the words.

L (W) 40-60-

PD (M+H) 30-50+

Active Learning/Creating and Thinking Critically

Bear Painting

Today this little boy painted a brilliant picture of Daddy Bear!

He was very engaged and motivated throughout this independent activity, and afterwards was keen to show and talk to one of his friends about what he had created.

“Look, Daddy Bear”.

“Eyes, ears. Brown”. 

L (W) 22-36=

PD (M+H) 22-36=

PSED (SCSA) 22-36=

C+L (S) 22-36=

Playing and Exploring/Active Learning

Filling and Emptying with Porridge 

Today we have been learning about a new story from our Traditional Tales focus for this term. The story that we will now be learning about for the next two weeks is Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

The children had a great time exploring our new tuff tray activity, which consisted of porridge oats, different sized bears and different sized spoons. This activity was left open-ended, so that the children could create their own learning in whatever way they wanted to.

In the video example below, these children are carefully using the spoons to fill up the different sized bowls, alongside some role play from the story. The children showed good levels of hand/eye co-ordination and were really engaged in the activity that they had created independently. This activity was later extended, and the children were challenged with who had the most porridge and who had the least.

PD (M+H) 30-50/40-60-

M (SSM) 22-36+30-50 –

N.S. To continue to use language of size, for example ‘more’, ‘less’, ‘most’, ‘least’.

Playing and Exploring/Active Learning


MacMillan Coffee Morning

Today in Nursery we made cakes to sell at the MacMillan Coffee Morning which is being held in school tomorrow.

We explored the ingredients that we needed to make our cakes with, and after washing our hands we each had a turn at mixing them altogether using gross motor movements. After the chocolate and cornflakes had been mixed up, we then decorated them with some sprinkles! We talked through the process of making the cakes and afterwards some of us were able to put the events in order!

PD (M+H) 30-50

PD (H+SC) 30-50

Playing and Exploring