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Teddy Bears Picnic

Today in Nursery we enjoyed spending time with our special teddy bears.

We each introduced our teddy bear to our friends and spoke a little bit about them. We later brought our teddy bears to the carpet and enjoyed a delicious picnic of cheese sandwiches, teddy bear crisps, fruit and milk.

C+L (S) 22-36/30-50

C+L (LA) 22-36/30-50

C+L (U) 22-36/30-50

PSED (SCSA) 22-36/30-50

Playing and Exploring

Kim’s Game

Today in afternoon Nursery we played a game to promote listening and attention. The game is called Kim’s Game, and we used items from the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The idea of the game is for the children to look closely at the items on the tray, and then to cover them over and to take one away to see if the children can recognise what is missing. You can take more than one item away to add challenge to the game.

After the game was finished, this little boy was very keen to carry on during continuous provision time. He was very engaged and excited at the concept of the game, and very proud of himself each time he correctly said the missing item. This is great progress for this little boy in his listening and attention development.

PSED (SCSA) 22-36=

C+L (L+A) 22-36+

Playing and Exploring/Active Learning

Bear Painting

Today this little boy painted a brilliant picture of Daddy Bear!

He was very engaged and motivated throughout this independent activity, and afterwards was keen to show and talk to one of his friends about what he had created.

“Look, Daddy Bear”.

“Eyes, ears. Brown”. 

L (W) 22-36=

PD (M+H) 22-36=

PSED (SCSA) 22-36=

C+L (S) 22-36=

Playing and Exploring/Active Learning

Jigsaw making with friends 

These children were working lovely together this morning to make a jigsaw. With support, they sorted the pieces into the ones that had straight sides, and the ones that did not. They then carefully put the different pieces together to create the outer edge of the jigsaw.

Whilst the children were busy making the inside of the jigsaw, they noticed a problem…there were not enough pieces left to finish it! That meant that some pieces were missing. The children decided to go on a mission around the classroom to try and find the missing pieces so that they could finish their jigsaw. Unfortunately, they were unable to track down the missing pieces, however this whole activity showed great examples of working together and perseverance.

PSED (MR) 30-50=/+

PD (M+H) 30-50=/+

M (SSM) 30-50=

Playing and Exploring/Active Learning

In Nursery we work together

Both Nursery classes have been working very hard in making relationships with different members of their class. We have been talking a lot about how to be a good friend, and we know that sharing and taking it in turns are some ways of how we can be one of these.

The following pictures are some lovely examples of how the children have been working together in their play.

Making a dinosaur using junk modelling materials:

Building a “really really long bridge”:

Taking it in turns feeding the baby:

Unscrewing the nuts and bolts:

PSED (MR) 30-50-/+

Playing and Exploring