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Filling and Emptying

This little girl was very engaged in the Water Area, filling and emptying different sized containers. She persisted as she used the bottle to fill up the small plastic kettle, and then used this to fill up the large cylinder. She became very excited when the water reached the top of the cyclinder! She then poured the water into the water tray and repeated this process again! 

Next steps:

Her next steps were met instantly, as whilst she filled the containers I modelled the language of full and empty in the appropriate context. She began to repeat the words, and this is something that we will be continually build upon develop her vocabulary. 

M (SSM) 22-36-

PSED (SCSA) 22-36=

C+L (S) 16-26+

Playing and Exploring

Counting with Numicom

This afternoon we helped the Little Red Hen count out the eggs inside her basket.

Some of us had a go at finding the matching numeral to the Numicon piece, and then counted out the correct amount of eggs into the piece.

This activity encouraged the children to carry out some elements of active learning, as they made links with their prior knowledge of number, and linked it in with the Numicon pieces.

In the Early Years, we have a big focus on implementing the Characteristics of Effective Learning, and we think it is important for the children to have a knowledge and begin to talk about the type learning that they have been doing too. We use dinosaurs for the children to relate to; they all have special names – Explorasauras, Activasaurus and Thinkadocis. In today’s activity, the children were all being Activasaurus’, and some children were given special stickers for their fantastic effort today in their learning.

*If you see your child come home with one of the Characteristics of Effective Learning stickers on, please encourage them to tell you about what they did to achieve this, as it is important to encourage lots of talk with the children to reflect on what they have been learning about in Nursery.

This little girl answered some questions about what she did today to achieve her Activasaurus sticker:

M (N) 22-36/30-50

PSED (SCSA) 22-36/30-50

Active Learning

Teddy Bears Picnic

Today in Nursery we enjoyed spending time with our special teddy bears.

We each introduced our teddy bear to our friends and spoke a little bit about them. We later brought our teddy bears to the carpet and enjoyed a delicious picnic of cheese sandwiches, teddy bear crisps, fruit and milk.

C+L (S) 22-36/30-50

C+L (LA) 22-36/30-50

C+L (U) 22-36/30-50

PSED (SCSA) 22-36/30-50

Playing and Exploring

Kim’s Game

Today in afternoon Nursery we played a game to promote listening and attention. The game is called Kim’s Game, and we used items from the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The idea of the game is for the children to look closely at the items on the tray, and then to cover them over and to take one away to see if the children can recognise what is missing. You can take more than one item away to add challenge to the game.

After the game was finished, this little boy was very keen to carry on during continuous provision time. He was very engaged and excited at the concept of the game, and very proud of himself each time he correctly said the missing item. This is great progress for this little boy in his listening and attention development.

PSED (SCSA) 22-36=

C+L (L+A) 22-36+

Playing and Exploring/Active Learning

Bear Painting

Today this little boy painted a brilliant picture of Daddy Bear!

He was very engaged and motivated throughout this independent activity, and afterwards was keen to show and talk to one of his friends about what he had created.

“Look, Daddy Bear”.

“Eyes, ears. Brown”. 

L (W) 22-36=

PD (M+H) 22-36=

PSED (SCSA) 22-36=

C+L (S) 22-36=

Playing and Exploring/Active Learning