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Nursery Rhyme Week – Day 3

The rhyme we have been exploring today was called Old King Cole. This was a rhyme that we were not very familiar with, however, after a few practises we soon remembered the words and the tune!

We loved performing the rhymes we have been learning so far at the Stay and Play with our parents and carers. We then enjoyed creating our own crowns out of collage materials so we could be just like Old King Cole!

Here are Morning Nursery:

“What does Old King Cole wear on his head?”

#en “a hat”

“It looks a bit like a hat, but we call it something else starting with a ‘c’ sound…”

#gk “he wears a crown!”

Here are afternoon Nursery:

In reference to Old King Cole, #tw said “I think he lives in the castle”

What have you made? #ra “a king crown”

#na “I want to wear the king hat too”

EAD (MM) 22-36/30-50

Playing and Exploring

Nursery Rhyme Week – Day 2

The nursery rhyme that we explored today was called Hickory Dickory Dock:

We followed step by step instructions to make a mouse to run up the clock. We talked about what shapes we could see, we saw circles and triangles.

How do you know it’s a triangle?

#mm “it has three sides”

#ms “cos it’s a shape”

How do you know it’s a circle?

#ws “because it goes around and around”

We then looked at a real clock, and during circle time we had a go at naming and matching the number cards around a hoop to make our own clock. In the provision, we then had the chance to create our own clocks with paper plates, using and applying our learning from circle time:

#lj “i’m going to use my clock to tell me what time it is like Mummy”

M (N) 22-36/30-50

M (SSM) 22-36/30-50

Playing and Exploring/Active Learning/Creating and Thinking Critically



Today in Nursery we have been exploring fireworks. During continuous provision, a fireworks display was played for the children to listen to and watch. At carpet time, we then talked about what colours and shapes we could see in the sky on the video.

#st “a rainbow”

#rp “a heart, a big red heart”

#jd “stars”

#en “so many colours in the sky”

#lm “lots of colours”

#ws “i saw circles and shapes too”

#na “i see them outside my house going bang bang bang”

Inspired by the fireworks, the children then created their own firework paintings by using different lengths of string dipped into colourful paint to pull across their piece of paper.

EAD (MM) 22-36/30-50

UW (TW) 22-35/30-50

C+L (S) 22-36/30-50

Playing and Exploring/Active Learning


Today in Nursery we have been looking at the features of bears. We looked at a photograph of a real life bear, and talked about what we could see.

#dg “It’s got two eyes”.

#ws “We have two eyes as well”. 

#gj “It’s got brown skin”. 

#rk “it’s got a nose”. 

#mma “It has a very big body”. 

#ls “four legs”.

Our discussion also involved comparing the bear to ourselves. We knew that we each had two eyes and two ears like the bear, however we walk on two legs – unlike the bear who walks on four!

After our discussion, we then went away to draw a picture of the bear and tried hard to include all of the key features that we had just talked about.

Here are some examples of the fantastic drawings:

UW (TW) 30-50-

L (W) 30-50-/=

N.S. To learn about where bears live, is it the same place as we live?

Active Learning

Exploring Shells

During continuous provision this afternoon, these two children were exploring shells and the sounds that they make. This was a lovely example of building positive relationships between each other and it promoted lots of thinking and language between the children.

UW (TW) 30-50=

N.S. To answer ‘how’ questions.

Active Learning/Creating and Thinking Critically



Some children had a great time exploring the gloop that was out in the provision today!

This activity promoted lots of language and discussion between the children, and it enabled the children to see the gloop change states from a solid on the tray to a liquid when it was picked up.

UW (TW) 22-36/30-50

EAD (MM) 22-36/30-50

C+L (S) 30-50

N.S. Continue to use talk and gestures to explain what is happening.

Playing and Exploring

Autumn Prints 

Over the long weekend, it was suggested that you could go on an Autumn hunt to look at and collect the different materials that we can find on the floor during this season.

Thank you for all of your fabulous findings, Morning and Afternoon Nursery had a great time printing with leaves, berries and pine cones!

We will be continuing our learning about Autumn over the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for anything else autumnal that you find whilst you are out and about!

UW (TW) 22-36/30-50

EAD (MM) 22-36/30-50

C+L (S) 22-36/30-60

Playing and Exploring/Active Learning

The Three Little Pigs

Today in Nursery we began learning about our new top The Three Little Pigs. The objective of today’s lesson was to retell the story using repeated refrains.

After hearing the story, the children went off into the provision to have a go at retelling it through different means. Some children had a great time using the small world Three Little Pigs setting to recreate the story, adding in their own speech and props.

Here is a video of some morning Nursery children retelling the story:

Some afternoon children were very busy in the Construction Area building houses for the Three Little Pigs to live in. They decided that bricks were best material to use as just like in the story, the wolf would not be able to blow it down.

Here is a video of some afternoon children retelling the story:

L (R) 30-50

C+L (S) 30-50

Playing and Exploring/Active Learning

In Nursery we work together

Both Nursery classes have been working very hard in making relationships with different members of their class. We have been talking a lot about how to be a good friend, and we know that sharing and taking it in turns are some ways of how we can be one of these.

The following pictures are some lovely examples of how the children have been working together in their play.

Making a dinosaur using junk modelling materials:

Building a “really really long bridge”:

Taking it in turns feeding the baby:

Unscrewing the nuts and bolts:

PSED (MR) 30-50-/+

Playing and Exploring